Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In response to my Dad, who started reading when I stopped writing.

A simple promise to blog more was the wrong way to go about blogging more.

The main problem is that I've become less excited about the journaling format I started here. I'm hoping to fix that before Halloween, so don't give up on me.


caito said...

Maybe you should hop on the Tumblr bandwagon.

Also, trying to read these word verification things almost makes posting comments not worth the effort. I hate when I get them wrong!

Maddy said...

Charlie mentioned Tumblr, too. I'm considering.

Aagh! I thought I turned off that verification thing. Thanks for letting me know. It doesn't show up when I leave comments on my own stuff.

Steve said...

YAY, I made it onto the Internet, thanks Mads.